Re: 56 pins (TM500/5000 and 5000 series scope plug-ins) and 76 pins (7000 series scope plug-ins) connectors

Harvey White

Other than connecting to the appropriate power connections for that slot, the remaining pins in TM500 are dedicated to internal signals, often per plugin.  The idea is that if you wished to have a dedicated rack for TM500 equipment in a certain configuration (triggers wired to this, signals coming from that, etc), the front panel connections were duplicated enough that you could put particular plugins in dedicated slots, wire them on the back panel, and avoid all of the front panel connections.  From that point, you'd need only the connections to the device under test and whatever outputs you needed to outside the case.  Connections to a device under test could also be made with a dedicated connector on the back panel.


On 1/29/2020 5:35 PM, Ke-Fong Lin wrote:
For TM500/5000, they are basically only power rails, along with with ECB to power transistors. I guess the plug-in specific top pins are not so much needed for repair.
In particular, some power pins are duplicates, for example, the 4 common return pins for 8V/11VDC for instance, a single 22 AWG wire will do.

For the 7000 series plug-ins, there's just too many pins and are almost all used.
So I plan to use some ribbon cable, with may be some individual wires for power (i.e. +/- 50 & 15 VDC), and some coaxial wires for the signal pins.
These are readily available at Farnell and Mouser.
I've not much experience in RF signals, but I guess that with coax on the "critical" signal pins, that should be sufficient for <= 100MHz, maybe even calibrating.

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