Re: 56 pins (TM500/5000 and 5000 series scope plug-ins) and 76 pins (7000 series scope plug-ins) connectors

Harvey White

Designs are common enough, now with decent PCB programs and Chinese made boards abounding.

I have two of Dan Meeks' extenders, as well as a much earlier one that someone made.  If I were to design one (and if I could find the connector, haven't looked too much), I'd be doing the IDC cable route.

That's what I did on some 7000 series extenders I made for myself, IDC cables.  Those connectors for the 7000 series are about 7 to 8 dollars each.  Naturally, you put on some LEDs.

Now with the IDC cables, and no coax, you can't use it for frequency checking, but the idea was to do functional testing and repair, not frequency test and alignment.  Not in the market to try to make and sell these, but if you're determined enough for yourself, it can be done.  Plugin end and module end each fit within the arbitrary 100 x 100 mm cheap board limit.


On 1/28/2020 7:53 PM, John Griessen wrote:
On 1/28/20 5:29 PM, Ke-Fong Lin wrote:
my goal is not to sell kits.
But rather to design an edge PCB car, put the Kicad sources and gerber files.
So anybody can have one fabricated and buy the needed parts.
I have a design in pcb-rnd, which can maybe export to kicad, but pcb-rnd is a better FOSS ECAD tool
for my style.  No one has asked for the sources and one has asked for gerbers.

By the way, John, your Taiwan source, how much does a connector cost?
The EDAC ones are almost 17 euros!
Last time I bought a hundred for TM500, it was $180 +45 +30 = $255/100.  You can't buy just one.

Wiring is a big consideration.  Few people wanted to deal with soldering 50 wires each end of a cable.
Dan Meeks' TM500 kit with IDC connectors of thin wire gauge sold out quickly.

An expensive pcb that is a straight through one side of copper + connectors would sell much better than a wiring kit.  Be very careful with TM500 -- my kit never sold to recover its costs.

The 7K flex extender did recover its costs and more, but I think that market is saturated now
after I sold 200 kits to 7 countries.

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