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Stephen Hanselman

Speaking only from experience with TDS 540x, yes the calibration is kept on the acquisition PCA. I think, but have not taken the time to prove, that the primary use of the NVRAM is to store trace data. Everyone of the NVRAMs I have read seem to have a pile of "empty" space in them along with a bit of stuff relating to options, date, time, and the like.

Just as easily though I could be FoS.


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You need to be concerned with the NVRAM chips - DS1486 clock chip and
the DS1650/DS1250. They have internal batteries that hold the
calibration constants and options info.
It's my understanding that the calibration constants are stored in EEPROM on the acquisition board. There's no reason to worry about the options, as it's easy enough to restore those with GPIB or other means.

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