Steve Hendrix

I didn't research this as well as I might have, because I really didn't expect to get it. I made a fairly low offer on eBay for a TDS784C, fully expecting it to be rejected. Pleasant surprise when it was accepted. The unit arrived last Wednesday and I've been so swamped with work, family, and volunteer work that I just finally got it out of the box yesterday. Very nice unit, exactly as advertised, and appears to be fully working. It's physically quite a bit bigger than I anticipated, so I need to do some long-overdue housecleaning in the lab to make room for it.

It came as stated with no cables or accessories. Power cords I have in abundance. I have some 100 MHz scope probes available, but of course those won't let me use the full 1 GHz bandwidth. I plan to use another of my KISS-488 interfaces for screenshots and PC control, so that's covered. I have the crippleware version of WaveStar that came with my TDS220 so will try that with this unit. Can anyone here point me to a good reliable source of 1 GHz rated probes (that won't cost more than I paid for the scope!).

Any other pointers, pitfalls, etc. from current or past users of this scope would be very welcome. I've seen it occasionally mentioned here, but maybe the relative lack of chatter suggests it's one of those instruments that just plain works.

Thanks for reading!

Steve Hendrix

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