Tektronix op amp plugins (Type O or AM501) have you used one?

J Hunt

Glenn's posting (attached below) about his Type O op amp plugin got me thinking about the AM501 op plugin I had in my lab. I used it only once for a quick setup when I needed a higher voltage and current than I could get from an IC opamp. Otherwise it stayed on the shelf.

Have you used a Type O or an AM501 for anything interesting?

Specs and links from tekwiki:

AM501 Operational Amplifier (TM500 plugin)
5MHz GBW DC Gain 10,000 Input Bias Current < 0.5nA
Output +- 40V, +- 50mA Available 1974 - ?

Type O Dual Opamp
Letter-series plugin for 500 series scopes or could be a standalone instrument if
plugged into external power supplies like the 132. Available 1962-73.

15MHz GBW DC Gain 2500 Grid Current (Input Bias Current) < 0.5nA
Output +- 50V, +- 5mA
Tube based design (plus a couple of transistors).

The manual section of that web page has a link to "Tektronix Opamps and Their Applications" from 1965 which has 70 pages of op amp theory and interesting measurement and analog computer era applications. How about putting a triode in the feedback circuit to create a square root function? Or use the op amp to measure the voltage coefficient of a capacitor? Pretty cool.

John Hunt
Portland, OR

4a. Re: Type O plugin with Power Supply
From: Albert Otten
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2020 08:56:06 PST

On Mon, Jan 27, 2020 at 03:19 AM, Glenn Little wrote:

Link to picture.
Can take more if interested.

It would be interesting to see what the difference with an ordinary Type 132 are.

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