Re: TEK514 needs new 5V4G tube

Chuck Harris

I do it much the same way. Copper, or steel wouldn't last
very long in the electrolyte before it corroded away, so it
is only aluminum in the can.

A hack saw works fine too... if you are careful.

-Chuck Harris

David Holland wrote:

Not too bad. They're not liquid. More like damp. Stinky too. There may
be (solid) tar as well.

Nothing solderable inside. I usually cut near bottom. Clean out guts.
Drill through holes to permit new radial caps leads to be poked through the
holes and then soldered to the terminals outside. Leave the terminals
attached (obviously)

I then reattach the top part with aluminum tape as previously mentioned.

On Mon, Jan 27, 2020, 9:32 PM Steve Hendrix <SteveHx@...>

Wow! The collective knowledge and willingness to help here are amazing! It
will be a week or two before I can act on all this, other than to get some
parts ordered and on the way.

I'm thinking I like the idea of cutting off the tops of the caps and just
soldering a "modern" electrolytic in place of the old cap. Never having cut
open an electrolytic before, I'm not sure what to expect. How much messy
gunk am I going to get into? Will the metal on the inside be reasonably
receptive to solder, on the terminals I need to contact? Anything else I
should know, before trying my hand with a Dremel?

Steve Hendix

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