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Hi Michael,
A bank account is definitely something we have to do. It is a little tricky because Michael is in Canada and I am in the US so we have to be sure we comply with the laws of both nations.

We also need to put it in an account where currency variations won't adversely affect it. That would probably be the US.

In April 2011 it cost $0.95CD to buy $1.00US. The Canadian dollar was worth more than the US dollar.
Today it costs $1.32CD to buy $1.00US. A Canadian dollar is worth $0.76US.

Since Groups,io is in the US it might be easier to have the bank account in the US.

I am hopeful will implement a payment option that would let us pay 5 years at a time. That would be even better.
Michael Dunn says I shouldn't hold my breath.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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Why not set up a bank account for it, and Autopay for It could also be used to fund group purchases for custom made replacement parts, when you are short a person or two. Put the money back into the account when the extras are sold. We did this for a computer club, in the '80s. It was registered as a non profit, but it wouldn't be difficult to do that for a group this size.

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Hi Raymond,

You are one of the few people who did correctly identify your
contribution in my list.
This is the information I have on your contribution:
128 Wed 1/1/2020 2:50 PM $22.57 TO BE RETURNED Raymond Domp
Frank 9SK435895B100851N

Yes, Siggi is correct PayPal did this for everyone. They also obscure
the time you made your contribution because they strip out your UTC
offset (time zone) so I can’t tell the hour of the day you sent it.
The minutes are close however.

Thank you for your contribution. We received too much money to keep it
all so we will be refunding anything above $10.00 as soon as I have
had a chance to contact everyone who asked for confirmation that I
received their contribution.


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My transaction could well be
9SK43*******0851N $22.57 TO BE REFUNDED
That's the only transaction in your list for the amount that I transferred.
Siggi may be right in assuming that Paypal references change between
sender and receiver (nice!) for international transactions.


Dennis Tillman W7PF
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