Re: TDS3012B to TDS3052B upgrade

Tom B

Hello Håkan,

Thank you for the information.  I think this tells me what I want to know.   It is good to know that the hardware is all the same.

I also have a TDS2024 but I don't have any plans to change that one.

I don't own any calibration equipment so I don't think your software will do me any good.


On 1/26/2020 7:32 AM, zenith5106 wrote:
On Sun, Jan 26, 2020 at 04:55 AM, Tom B wrote:

I have seen a lot of postings from people who have upgraded the bandwidth of
their TDS3000 scopes with firmware.   I have a TDS3012B that I was thinking
about doing that with but it seems strange that you could go from 100MHz to
500MHz without any hardware changes.  What I want to know is; how well does
this work?  Are there any issues to watch out for?
I have done that upgrade on several TDS3000 scopes including my own TDS3014B. It works fine
and it does not need an adjustment after the change. It's done with GPIB. It can also be done on
TDS200 and TDS1000/2000 but they need a full adjustments sequence to be done.

I have written several softwares to do a Performance Check on most of the older TDS's and for
the TDS's mentioned above I included a procedure to change the type. Initially I had an idea to
charge a small fee for that specific function. I have later abandoned this idea but until the software
has been changed you will need to get a key from me.

Find it here:;!!KfGNmQmE!yrE_0JSiIWARxe7y9YW-lbIqsXEU4CHzxS-GQGAYYzlbrLpDm40Tmx3YVrQn$

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