Re: Guernsey Island 2445


On Sun, Jan 26, 2020 at 08:35 PM, Chuck Harris wrote:

In other words, you can have a B012345 and an 8012345 scope,
and each will use the revisions specific to B012345.
I don't think that's the case:
AFAIK, no regular serial numbers starting with 8 exist
Numbers starting with B were US-made (Beaverton)
Numbers starting with 1 were Guernsey-made
Numbers starting with 2 were UK-made
Numbers starting with 3 were Japan made
Numbers starting with 7 and those with H were Heerenveen made
I've been told that sometimes, letter-codes were used

All this applies at least from very late 60's to early 70's. AFAIK, all 7K-series serial numbers obey these rules.

I have a few 'scopes made in Heerenveen (The Netherlands, NL) with very low serial numbers (<200 and even <100 are pretty common) that are obviously much newer than that number would suggest.
AFAIK, regular Beaverton made 'scopes never carried such low serial numbers.
I have always assumed that production of a particular model in NL and Guernsey just started later than in the US and nicely rounded number series weren't used, explaining low non-Beaverton numbers applying to much higher Beaverton revisions. My two NL-made 7854's are examples. Also, creating a gap and continuing numbering from e.g. 250000 definitely hasn't been synchronized between Beaverton and non-Beaverton. One example of this are the many 465 portables made in Heerenveen, which are on both sides of the 250000 range and never carry a > 250000 serial number. The same holds true (MM) for 2465(X,A,B)'s made in Heerenveen.

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