Re: Guernsey Island 2445

Chuck Harris

I am mix mashing Holland and Gurnsey.

But my point still stands. There was undoubtedly
a connection between all of the tek factories that
made a given instrument. I am certain that they
linked the serial numbers so that the engineering
changes apply to the last 5 digits of the serial
number, regardless of which factory made it.

-Chuck Harris

Colin Herbert via Groups.Io wrote:

I believe that all of the manuals were printed in Beaverton, but I might be talking rubbish. The Guernsey products had either no beginning letter or the letter "G", where Beaverton-made items are "Bxxxxxx".

I think that the part-numbers are the same, wherever the equipment is made. Otherwise, I think Deane Kidd would have had something to say about it!


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