Re: Tek CRTs supplied to competing manufacturers

george gonzalez <grg2gonzalez@...>

I think it was the other way around, Tek used to buy CRTs from Dumont and
RCA but found out they were getting the below average CRTs. This came to
light when some university bought like 50 CRTs and some alert Tek person
noticed the tubes were not in serial number order and they all were
extremely bright and sharp, better than the ones sent to Tektronix. This
spurred Tek to start up their own CRT factory. Expensive but had superb

On Friday, January 24, 2020, Greg Muir via Groups.Io <big_sky_explorer=> wrote:

Thanks, Dennis.

I did think it came from a fairly reputable source. But the years that
passed after reading of it made it rather fuzzy in the ol' brain.

As for another title, i would add "...and why was it subject to such
suffering under control of a holding company?"

("Big fish eating smaller fish")


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