Re: 2465B - Weak Readout Intensity


On Sat, Jan 25, 2020 at 09:50 AM, <flanneltuba@...> wrote:

Also let me add my "+" to the massively informative, if not exasperatingly
long and multilayered EEVBlog "2465B Teardown" thread. I spent hours pouring
over that thread—hours well spent for anyone diving into a 2565B
restoration. It was that thread that essentially illustrated the finer points
of repairing the later model A5 board with its notorious leaky 'lytics.

- Scott
Only hours? I spent several days sequentially reading all the posts, then again I went from page 1 and on (didn't want to miss anything crucial) and taking notes along the way. Glad you found it was helpful information. If you got the time I would even suggest that you might send in your own adventure with your scope so it will be added to the thread for future reference. I don't recall anybody over there ever reporting anything similar to your case.

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