FW: CRT database and Stan's Reprise database of 151 part numbers


This is the reply from Dave Brown at the vintageTEK Museum regarding the CRT
catalog the museum was working on. It is available at

Dave said he does not remember Stan's Reprise data base of 151 part numbers.
Dave also said the reprise database is gone forever.

I (Dennis) only remember Stan and Bill's CRT database.
Dennis Tillman W7PF

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The CRT database https://vintagetek.org/crt-database/ has all the
information. It is just not in the form of a database so the user has to
spend maybe 5 minutes to find the data. The reprise database is gone

I don't remember the 151- database but it is also gone forever. However, all
that information is in the common parts catalogs which we got a release for
and are on Tekwiki. Again, someone has to find the 151- to manufacturer
pages in the transistor/diode book on Tekwiki and look it up. I assume that
is where the database actually came from. Attached but here is the link to
the document.



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Hi Dave,
Did you ever finish compiling all the CRT part numbers from the fiche?
I seem to recall you were also trying to get the CRT data that used to
be on Stan Griffiths and Bill's DenBeste's (not sure of the spelling) web
Also, are you familiar with Stan's Reprise database of 151 part numbers?
That came up in a post to TekScopes. I'm not familiar with it but
it is no longer available.

Dennis Tillman W7PF
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