Re: TDS3012B to TDS3052B upgrade

Dave Casey

It works because the hardware was designed for the 500MHz bandwidth from
the beginning. The firmware limits the bandwidth based on model number.
That said, there is some debate as to whether there was any "binning" of
hardware based on performance (such that scopes which didn't meet spec at
500MHz but did at 300MHz became TDS3032s and 3034s instead of 3052s and
3054s). This doesn't mean that such a scope wouldn't be usable at higher
frequencies if the bandwidth limitation were removed, just that it might
not meet Tek's advertised specs. There's another camp that says they're all
good to the full bandwidth, carte blanche. Either way, your 3012 was
probably not calibrated above 100MHz, so if you do the upgrade you may not
realize the full benefit without a calibration.

Dave Casey

On Sat, Jan 25, 2020 at 9:55 PM Tom B <tbryan@...> wrote:

Hello All,

I have seen a lot of postings from people who have upgraded the
bandwidth of their TDS3000 scopes with firmware. I have a TDS3012B
that I was thinking about doing that with but it seems strange that you
could go from 100MHz to 500MHz without any hardware changes. What I
want to know is; how well does this work? Are there any issues to watch
out for?

Tom Bryan

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