Re: Mounting and dismounting curve tracer 177 fixture

Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

They could have killed two birds with one stone if they simply
put a "U" shaped pull handle on the front of the porch. Then
they would have had a way to remove the porch, and the handle
would have protected the switch, without getting in its way.

-Chuck Harris

Mlynch001 wrote:

I may make one for mine. I am careful, but the handle is about as exposed as anything can be. I too often wondered why TEK did not have a guard on them from Job#1. Probably would have added 10 cents to the cost?? I had to replace the handle in my switch, someone had sheared the metal lever off right near the base. Almost impossible to switch and no switch to be had. I was able to find a similar switch, one with the same handle and mechanisim, disassemble both switches and replace just the bat handle and metal lever. Not a simple task, good thing is that I found a broken solder joint on one of the pads on the board for the switch, so that probably saved me some issues down the road.

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