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Hi Craig,
Actually the refund process is probably the easiest. PayPal makes it simple to refuse an entire contribution.
The museum contacted me to find out if they should send a donation to us. I told them we did not need it by that time. Imagine if they had made a donation and we, in turn made a donation to them.

The museum is in need of more volunteers their financial situation is sufficient as far as I know. Michael and I feel it would be better to return entire contributions that were too generous.


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Wrapping up the TekScopes pledge drive, Michael Dunn and I are STUNNED by your generosity and all the positive comments we received. Your contributions have exceeded the $340 paid to by almost 1,000%. You sent us 203 contributions totaling $3,341.77!

Maybe instead of trying to make the refund process so stressful for yourself. You might want to consider a donation to the Tektronix Museum from the group. As this is a good cause for the history and future of the product.


Dennis Tillman W7PF
TekScopes Moderator

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