Tek CRTs supplied to competing manufacturers

Greg Muir

Having my first exposure to Tek oscilloscopes as a wee tyke in the television industry back in the 60’s on a 524AD I became literally hooked on their performance. At that time this scope was being sold as a complete station package by the Radio Corporation of America to supplement their studio equipment and transmission (transmitter) products if a broadcaster should choose to go the “RCA way.” But this also meant that you would buy “urged” into purchasing all RCA replacement parts as time went into the future.

Many years ago I had come across an article that Tek also supplied CRTs to other manufacturers for inclusion into their products. I can’t quite recall what manufacturer the article mentioned but believe that it was either RCA or Dumont who also started producing their own television broadcast related scopes. What the article said was that there was some irritation on Tek’s behalf that they then had gained competition in that product line but also cooperated in selling a component (namely the CRT) for the foreign product.

The article went on to mention that, as part of the “hesitant sales” was to pick out and ship those CRTs to their customer that did not quite meet the Tek standard when tested but were fully functional otherwise.

Has anyone else ever come across this article?


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