Re: 2465B - Weak Readout Intensity


I am sure there is a mountain of good info here in this group about how to fix and care for a 2465x, but not sure this has been compiled as a tutorial per se. For something close to that I would direct you to a long time thread over at EEVblog which deals exclusively with 2465 restorations and there are many interesting stories, experiences and information bits. Even tough it was started back in 2011 it is pretty much to this day still being updated, specially by new 2465 owners in need of advice. I found this thread while still doing research and way before even ordering my own 2465B off ebay, about a year and change ago. I ended up reading this thread from start to finish (back then it was about 47 pages, now its at 66 pages) and after doing so had the confidence that I could mostly tackle whatever the restoration job would end up needing and after a few weeks of looking at available options went ahead and got a scope. Of course it was nice and reassuring to still get occasional and very useful input from this group as well during the repair/restoration process. This EEVblog thread has become over time sort of a reference must read specially for any new/potential 2465x owners & enthusiasts.

If you feel like doing some serious reading go to:
Topic: Tektronix 2465B oscilloscope teardown (Read 419051 times)

Or you can start from the most recent posts and go backwards, but I think it really paid off to read them all in sequence if you really want to get your feet wet. Quite a few of the members over there are also members of this group so you will definitively see some crossover info as well.

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