Re: What Tektronix means to me - Modern Times

Leo Bodnar

I have great respect for what Tek did before fully digital scopes.
How can't you when every other worthy appnote has images of JW's famous 556 with damaged screen?!

However, to me, Tektronix has died since the time they started making plastic shoeboxes with a carrying handle on top. Nothing Tek produced since 1990's makes me excited or even curious. I had 2465A scope and loved it to bits but nothing I see from current range makes my heart beat faster.

It turns out I have only one Tek instrument - CSA803 (I have three of them because I don't want to be caught out when one dies.)
The rest, about 98% are HP, Marconi, R&S, LeCroys, Anritsu etc. Most of the instruments were bought 50% due to need and 50% because I really wanted one. Ironically, the only Tek I have (CSA803) was given to me by my friend who had to get rid of it due to moving into a smaller flat in Paris.

Neither PSPL or Keithley are part of Tek family - to me...

So here we go... Am I sick? Am I alone in this or is this sad truth that is not usually talked about?
Please tell me that there are still people who are irrationally in love with modern Tektronix!


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