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Hi Ed,
The eBay ID he provided in his post takes you to one of Pam Kidd's (daughter of Deane Kidd) listings for a brand new relay for $5.00 and $7.35 USPS Small Flat Rate Box. That is a bargain. The problem is that Peter is in Canada. The same $7.35 box going to Canada costs $26.00 which makes it a totally different situation financially.

I offered to help by suggesting he contact Pam to buy 5 or 6 of the relays and have Pam send all of them to me in the same $7.35 Flat Rate Box. We are friends and I know she will do this and probably give him a quantity discount on the relays. Those relays were notorious for their failure rate. Unlike almost every other Tek made component which was higher quality than industry made components the so called expert they hired to design their relays was far from an expert. I removed all of these type of Tek relays from some 7000 parts mules I had and occasionally would use one to fix another plugin.

I was often puzzled because the replacement relay didn't fix the problem or created another problem elsewhere. Eventually I discovered the replacement was bad. After encountering this a few times I made a little test fixture with LEDs on the NO and NC contacts and a push button to energize the coil. I could tell in an instant which relays worked and which were bad. The failure rate was almost 50%. It confirmed what other Ex-Tek folks told me about the relays.

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I see that's one of those little Tek-made ones. I noticed some on my spare 576 boards recently - I didn't recall/realize they had used some of these. Since the 576 is a very low frequency application, you should be able to swap in regular type small relays, except for needing to adapt to the footprint and pinout. I believe this same part may be used in the 7A13 and/or 7A22, so I'd keep these kind for use in them, where it's more critical for frequency response.


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