2465B Calibration CAL 06 Question

Craig Cramb

Need to get some clarification on the procedure steps in CAL06.
In the 2465B Service Manual 070-6863-00 pages 5-20 thru 5-21. I have made it thru steps (a.) thru (v.).
But getting unsure about step (w.) I have connected two different sine wave generators SG504 and SG5030 with the same result. What I understand is you apply a Reference Frequency of 50Khz. This gives me a trace that has a vertical angle across the screen. I adjust the amplitude of this angle trace vertically 6 divisions as described. Then when I do Step (y.) at 350 Mhz the amplitude completely fills the granule scale and is beyond the 6 divisions that step (z.) describes.

Could someone clarify what I am doing wrong and what I should be doing to make it thru these steps.


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