Re: What Tektronix means to me

Tam Hanna


sorry, I do not get the bathroom quip.

But: seriously. IMHO, SmallTalk is what did Danaher in. Especially the idiocy of having both SmallTalk and Java on the think, and NOT EXPOSING it to "Schlomo Normalentwickler". This is like having a Tu-144 in your airline fleet and a license to fly it with passengers between Frankfurt, Beijing, P'yong Yang, Tehran and Moscow, and instead using it to ferry coal.

One of the reasons why people loved the LeCroy so much was that it gave you the feeling to have a "programmable scope". Enter an equation here, modify a screen layout there. I have seen recently some achingly cool .app files for the TriStar platform. Why nobody had the idea to release an SDK...


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