Re: 2465B - Weak Readout Intensity

Lawrance A. Schneider

For others of the unwashed (myself included) thank you for not passing on a problem!!
Further: That said, I would be interested in any references to how to pull of the calibration without having the specialized test equipment spelled out in the manual.
I strongly agree! I have NO OTHER specialized test equipment! I have a functioning (not calibrated) HP3312A generator, a HP E3630A power supply for which I just replaced the 10 digit ADC, Fluke 87 V, 121GW dmm and a Rigol 1054Z. That is it!!! I do not have a means of copying the Dallas EPROM as I have no eprom reader! I've taken the scope to the university and compared readings with some of their calibrated equipment ; so far EVRYTHING is within 0.5%. I feel blessed. I love my 2465BDM. Equally, I'm desperate to keep it in good working order. BUT HOW!! A tutorial would be most welcome!

Thank you, larry

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