Re: What Tektronix means to me


I'm very new to the Tektronix world by comparison to a lot of the sages here. I suspect the first scope I used was a 2400 series in high school or college in the early 2000's, and the first one I owned was a TDS3052 in 2018! Oscilloscopes have always been a favorite tool of mine, and I feel very lucky to be living so close to the Vintage Tek Museum and Tek HQ (only half a mile from my house!) which has allowed me to start building the little shop I've always wanted at home. I have always admired Tek scopes, but my more recent interest in Tek hardware and history comes from exposure to this community, both online and in Beaverton. It is nice to think that the enthusiasts from across the world have put together the forums, wiki, and museum, and those central hubs themselves are generating a new generation of enthusiasts. Thank you all for organizing so much great information so very conveniently! And thanks to Tektronix for having such a wonderful market for used hardware, I am slowly furnishing my house with it.

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