Re: 2465B - Weak Readout Intensity


On 2020-01-20 8:51 PM, flanneltuba@... wrote:
Thanks Chuck.

That was the sort of conclusion I was dreading. I do have a perfectly good 2465 (no suffix) with what I believe is the same CRT. It pains me though to pull a CRT out of an otherwise healthy scope just to prove that the subject unit has a weak CRT. I suppose it's that or roll the dice and buy a CRT off of EBay. There's a seller from Israel offering 154-0850-01 CRTs for $67, shipping included. "Very Good Working Condition." I'll admit to being a little apprehensive about buying parts from overseas.
Israel has a lot of surplus tech. I'd go for it, it's probably fine.

The real no-go are Chinese ICs that purport to be US brands.

But then you CAN get good US surplus chips via Eastern Europe. So...


One other thought: In the good old CRT television days, (were those the good old days?) one could often perk up a sagging CRT by bumping up the filament voltage on the heater. Sounds like something of a fool's errand for a tek scope of this sort, and more effort than it could possibly be worth, but I would be interested in knowing if anyone's ever given it a try.


- Scott

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