Re: Your generosity is STUNNING!

Petru Ulici

Hello, Dennis and Michael
Just try to reconsider your decision to return the amount.
Arguments:I think that the fees for the transaction (transfer + return) is not returnable, it will only be Paypal profit.You will spend a lot of time to return the amountThe group tax will definitely increase in the next years.In the future, probably the group will exceed the reserved space and there will be additional costs.All participants do this from hearts and consider this to be one of the best investments.The transfer of  $50 may be less financial effort than $5 from the other member.Everyone trusts you and Michael Dunn.I personally suggest that you and your wife (and Michael, too) spend something for a romantic dinner. This way, we can partially compensate the time spent for this group, not with your family. I think everyone agrees, your contribution to this group is wonderful.

On Monday, January 20, 2020, 01:59:47 AM GMT+2, Phillip Potter <p.potter@...> wrote:

Soooo, do what others suggest, nice dinner for you, Michael, and your


On 1/19/2020 1:43 PM, Siggi wrote:
Hey Denis,

looks like many people have reported they don't see their PayPal
transaction IDs in your log. I'm going to guess that PayPal assigns
different transaction IDs for each end of the transaction, at least in the
case where there are fees to pay and/or a currency exchange to be made.


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