Re: Risetime calculator (in tekwiki)

Chuck Harris

Roy, your last two comments make no sense.

Albert has already determined that the taper of the pots is
*linear* and the scales of the two pots are *linear*, and
proved it out mathematically.

Read his description of the math.

And, the schematic is just fine. The negative terminal is

-Chuck Harris

Roy Thistle wrote:

Hi Dave:
If you have a chance... maybe you can determine the taper of the pots, with an multimer/ohmmeter (they are all identical, stamped 5000, 140416).
You might have to disconnect the wiper lug, and one of the others, on a pot, to avoid a lot of parallel resistance, from the other parts of the circuit.
It would be nice to know, if indeed, they are log taper pots. (The could be quadratic taper... I guess... but, that would be rare?)
Best regards, best wishes.

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