Re: Your generosity is STUNNING!

Colin Herbert

Hi Dennis,
I don't see my contribution, which had the transaction number
2SU63142B31413624. According to my records, I sent it on 03/01/2020 and the
sum was $US 25.00. I have no problem with you "keeping it for a rainy day",
but it would probably be good to know that it hasn't got lost in cyberspace.
Many thanks to you and Michael Dunn for all that you do in keeping
"Tekscopes" running.

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From: [] On Behalf Of Dennis
Tillman W7PF
Sent: 18 January 2020 16:57
Subject: [TekScopes] Your generosity is STUNNING!

Wrapping up the TekScopes pledge drive, Michael Dunn and I are STUNNED by
your generosity and all the positive comments we received. Your
contributions have exceeded the $340 paid to by almost 1,000%. You
sent us 203 contributions totaling $3,341.77!

We agree this is a problem that I will have to fix since it was my bright
idea. I did not realize when I sent my request for help that people would be
so generous. I wrote, "So I am asking for small contributions". What
happened was anything but "small".

Leo Bodnar, a friend, stunned me when he contributed the entire required
amount two days later. This was the first sign I should have chosen a
synonym such as "tiny" or "teeny" instead of small. It was too late at that
point. I could see there was a tsunami headed my way and I had no way to
stop it. I think the contributions have finally stopped. The last one (I
hope) arrived three days ago.

Michael and I have decided that this is far too much money for us to keep on
behalf of TekScopes. The simplest solution is for us to tear up the checks
and return all the PayPal contributions above $10.00 (actually all those
above $10.05) over the next few days, with our sincerest thanks. This will
result in exactly half of the contributions being kept and half being
returned. PayPal allows me to do a total refund very quickly; we considered
partial refunds, but the process would take much longer. If, after you
receive your refund, you would still like to make a contribution to
TekScopes, please don't send more than $10.00. If you do, we'll be forced to
spend it on wine and DMMs.

Thank You,
Dennis Tillman W7PF
Michael Dunn VA1XY

As I promised, here is every contribution I received. The four checking
account contributions are listed in numerical order by their bank account
number. Following those, the 199 PayPal contributions are listed in
numerical order by their transaction number. I double and triple checked the
PayPal notices that came to me or to my wife, Marian, to be sure I didn't
miss any. If I missed your PayPal contribution please let me know so I can
find out what happened to it. The most common contribution was $10.00 and
the average contribution was $15.94.

0000*255 $50.00 TO BE REFUNDED
0035*054 $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
4650*2065 $50.00 TO BE REFUNDED
9179*1067 $50.00 TO BE REFUNDED

02079*******9581B $10.00
03E74*******9033E $100.00 TO BE REFUNDED
05P54*******33704 $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
0DV52*******9640N $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
0FX24*******0225D $12.61 TO BE REFUNDED
0GH61*******5321H $10.00
0H164*******7324J $5.00
0HP31*******79205 $10.00
0TB16*******6233S $10.00
0V228*******9483Y $15.00 TO BE REFUNDED
0WE54*******4492F $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
0XD49*******99831 $10.00
0XX33*******5571C $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
10F89*******59157 $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
11D81*******1581M $25.00 TO BE REFUNDED
13W62*******8082B $5.00
16621*******82104 $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
16T81*******89037 $21.00 TO BE REFUNDED
16U30*******4884J $10.00
17T42*******7831E $10.00
1C179*******04615 $10.00
1C830*******8112P $10.00
1KB10*******35308 $10.00
1KC35*******1823E $10.00
1KK41*******81702 $40.00 TO BE REFUNDED
1MJ87*******7921S $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
1PL71*******8194S $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
1SF61*******75325 $6.28
1U469*******7321A $10.00
1UN19*******71331 $21.50 TO BE REFUNDED
1XL88*******0010V $10.00
21K47*******0942J $5.00
26M35*******2652B $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
26W48*******18439 $10.00
27955*******6435G $2.00
28784*******31459 $10.00
2AJ63*******9742M $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
2BB60*******7284T $10.05
2C041*******7435F $15.00 TO BE REFUNDED
2CF51*******55300 $10.00
2GN07*******6691P $21.36 TO BE REFUNDED
2HA37*******2763N $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
2JP56*******9614M $6.00
2L669*******5001S $20.03 TO BE REFUNDED
2LL81*******2181A $10.00
2NX73*******6334E $25.00 TO BE REFUNDED
2PE83*******8434J $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
2R866*******6484Y $25.00 TO BE REFUNDED
2S663*******60054 $10.00
2UD84*******92512 $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
2WG55*******8174X $10.00
30988*******3613G $10.00
31532*******3440H $25.00 TO BE REFUNDED
32S52*******3263Y $25.00 TO BE REFUNDED
33N46*******8874F $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
35J04*******2071X $5.00
37611*******3481X $30.28 TO BE REFUNDED
38D56*******6900H $40.00 TO BE REFUNDED
38H00*******74637 $10.00
39503*******91844 $10.00
3C222*******60057 $5.00
3DL81*******49307 $10.00
3DN03*******6580W $10.00
3HN95*******74316 $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
3JY75*******0415H $10.00
3MK47*******8000V $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
3ML12*******7670M $30.00 TO BE REFUNDED
3RW61*******7583B $110.00 TO BE REFUNDED
3SV52*******0093K $10.00
3U066*******6064R $10.00
3W759*******4273V $10.00
3WN84*******32644 $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
3X630*******09454 $10.00
43V15*******1315P $30.00 TO BE REFUNDED
43W14*******2963X $10.00
4C132*******25402 $20.78 TO BE REFUNDED
4CP43*******1271K $15.00 TO BE REFUNDED
4E489*******92025 $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
4GU02*******14949 $10.00
4H892*******5443S $10.00
4NK97*******39943 $30.00 TO BE REFUNDED
4NS27*******8414L $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
4PM01*******5380X $10.00
4RA41*******16029 $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
4V179*******50029 $25.00 TO BE REFUNDED
4VU25*******5244C $10.00
4WE10*******2420U $12.00 TO BE REFUNDED
4WG41*******2952L $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
4XH55*******98246 $10.00
4XM94*******9951L $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
4XU29*******2203A $5.00
52Y94*******9314H $10.00
53E69*******9450U $15.00 TO BE REFUNDED
53M48*******1162D $10.04
54264*******83607 $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
54350*******3123J $10.00
56419*******9740B $10.68 TO BE REFUNDED
57958*******19248 $10.00
57M28*******3463Y $15.00 TO BE REFUNDED
58J72*******8751M $5.05
59K74*******6614F $10.00
59M25*******3721R $10.72 TO BE REFUNDED
5FC22*******9632C $10.00
5GA43*******4223M $5.00
5K650*******2512S $10.00
5L001*******9890K $30.00 TO BE REFUNDED
5L631*******0780F $5.00
5P795*******19647 $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
5SE25*******18324 $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
5UP40*******89642 $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
5UU92*******40032 $10.20
61H86*******4671Y $15.00 TO BE REFUNDED
61W04*******0651P $5.00
62172*******4981K $10.03
62762*******2074B REFUNDED
64M95*******0450J $20.20 TO BE REFUNDED
69567*******7993L $10.00
69G97*******6681W $5.00
6AX91*******2221W $10.00
6DC49*******7192J $2.20
6DY20*******43532 $10.00
6FR77*******2981V $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
6GH42*******5101K $25.00 TO BE REFUNDED
6JF13*******51538 $13.42 TO BE REFUNDED
6M239*******2634X $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
6M818*******3010R $10.75 TO BE REFUNDED
6MW55*******8294T $4.00
6NN32*******4542V $10.00
6PN72*******3184X $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
6SJ24*******7280W $10.00
6TX54*******6691J $10.00
6UC87*******60625 $5.00
6W050*******3122G $25.00 TO BE REFUNDED
6YC11*******1694V $10.00
6YR09*******24211 $10.00
70R50*******48816 $40.00 TO BE REFUNDED
71A57*******04246 $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
71B15*******9210H $5.00
77749*******2345C $5.00
7AA50*******6582S $5.00
7BH77*******10502 $10.00
7C686*******0453C $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
7C834*******0923E $10.00
7CK01*******1245K $5.00
7D080*******7730E $10.00
7HC88*******8542G $50.00 TO BE REFUNDED
7JC48*******6100G $50.00 TO BE REFUNDED
7LV25*******2193G $30.00 TO BE REFUNDED
7M285*******92740 $25.00 TO BE REFUNDED
7MK85*******1842C $10.00
7MS44*******5362B $15.00 TO BE REFUNDED
7NK34*******5412S $31.44 TO BE REFUNDED
7PE90*******5070C $15.00 TO BE REFUNDED
7PW51*******11256 $5.00
7SB72*******7192F $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
7UJ45*******9004U $5.00
7V986*******7741K $10.00
7WL39*******4140E $10.00
80874*******3273N $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
82A24*******71901 $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
85T72*******59347 $10.00
86464*******0522V $25.00 TO BE REFUNDED
89L93*******2080C $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
8AB06*******94251 $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
8BM27*******0873M $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
8BP86*******45402 $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
8DF32*******6052V $10.00
8EJ68*******08541 $12.00 TO BE REFUNDED
8FJ75*******8872W $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
8GC22*******34141 $25.00 TO BE REFUNDED
8GT73*******09326 $12.61 TO BE REFUNDED
8MC99*******59946 $11.00 TO BE REFUNDED
8N867*******6281R $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
8P783*******6711A $23.00 TO BE REFUNDED
8PJ76*******6821F $10.00
8TL81*******09540 $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
8X573*******06030 $10.00
8XN50*******4422L $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
90T91*******35713 $10.00
91410*******3142B $10.00
91U38*******2105T $11.00 TO BE REFUNDED
92261*******0350X $10.00
94C22*******3914J $50.00 TO BE REFUNDED
97618*******3223U $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
98Y68*******70508 $1.24
99954*******8720E $5.00
9A088*******0853S $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
9AP46*******63352 $10.00
9B390*******8403F $10.00
9DH47*******6461J $10.00
9GJ81*******0164P $10.00
9HK96*******73147 $25.00 TO BE REFUNDED
9HS74*******5364F $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
9HY36*******94500 $10.00
9KN17*******5330K $5.00
9N383*******7605L $5.36
9SK43*******0851N $22.57 TO BE REFUNDED
9SN87*******3420T $10.00
9UB93*******8990M $20.00 TO BE REFUNDED
9V074*******7422K $5.37

Dennis Tillman W7PF
TekScopes Moderator

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