Re: Tek 604: Sad story, and CRT wanted

Tom Bowers

Hi Toby,

I am curious about your TEK 604 application. Here's a little background
about mine.

Nearly 50 years ago I was part of a group of a few hundred people. We were
developing hardware and software for a large main frame computer. It was a
24 bit machine, used magnetic core memory and 3 foot diameter fixed head
hard disk drives. It had a lot of I/O. It was over 60 feet long and 7 feet
high. We took 10 bits of the program address and ran them through a digital
to analog converter. We took another 10 bits of the program address and ran
them through another 10 bit DAC. We ignored the least significant bits. We
fed the output of these two DACs to the X and Y axis on a TEK 604. At a
glance, you could see where the machine was executing instructions. And
when it crashed, you could easily see the dreaded "spot". We had multiple
systems and one of my jobs was to replace the CRTs when they got burned.
Some years later when that project was completed, I still had one last new
CRT. It's been in storage for over 40 years now, and I would be glad to
send it on to a good home.

Tom Bowers

On Wed, Jan 15, 2020 at 10:31 PM <> wrote:

Hi group,

I bought a 604 XY from ebay late last year.

Have been checking the unit out, and while generally in good condition,
it's suffered some indignities, which appear to have destroyed the CRT.

Evidence of this was one corner of the tube faceplate chipped (without
destroying vacuum), ( ) the front CRT shroud
broken, and the blow was also enough to shatter the rear plastic
retaining clip, leaving the metal two-piece bracket and long screw loose
in the case.

However, the unit did power up to a ... spot. Actually two spots. The
upper spot is the real, controllable spot, while the brighter lower one
is apparently due to internal CRT damage:

So, I'm in the market for a replacement CRT. Potentially these:

154-0633-00 (p1)
154-0633-05 (p1)

But if 602 CRT's are compatible (??) then also:

154-0562-00 (p31)
154-0562-01 (p7) ****
154-0572-00 (p31)
154-0572-01 (p7) ****
154-0727-00 (p31)

154-0634-01 (p31) -- 603

I also have 602's and 603's so they'd be of interest anyway.

Thanks for any assistance


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