Re: 7A26 transient response 5 nS all atten

Albert Otten

Hello Jon,
My other 7A26s have this format SN, but this has no letter, 708058. I think its a late model, but see no IC date codes.
Readout PCB is 672-0051-13 Amplifier PCB is 670-2549-21 attenuators are PN200-1442-00
The Readout board is probably marked 670-2310-09. Then both board versions were introduced at B251090. You need the -01 version manual for that, Revised SEP 1985. I think the ICs have 3-digit date codes, the first indicating the year (5xx pointing to 1985). Of course the plugin itself can be newer than the ICs in it. My 713121 is from 1986.
BTW did you mean 7904 or 7104?


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