Re: MEMBERS PLEASE READ: Our annual payment is due in 2 weeks.

Paul Amaranth

Email addresses are of the form

<ID> @ <Organization>

If it isn't in that form it's not an email address. Period.
Color has no meaning for email. disguises email addresses so harvesting of email address from
the public website is more difficult. This is a good thing as it
prevents some amount of spam.

I generally do not use the web interface, but I think the assumption
here is you would go to the member's profile and either get the
correct email address from there or send them a private message.

If you got the list as an email instead of looking at the website,
email addresses would be visible since they are not redacted.

I think did a really nice job with that.


On Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 06:42:49AM -0800, Lawrance A. Schneider wrote:
Same happens to me.
further, what it the difference between @Dennis_Tillman_W&PF and the same thing in blue??? I saw a missive saying to use the above in blue and the same thing in black. I again tried each at PayPal and got the same thing asking for an :an error saying please enter valid email, name or mobile phone m=number.
I know I'm getting old, but what is going on???????

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