Re: Tek Scope Cart - Model 3 or K213?


For me, disassembly required a socket wrench with extension or a deep well socket. I took it completely apart (arms, trays etc) it also required some playing with to make sure things line back up properly to avoid causing binding in the tilt and castors level. The bottom box is riveted together. The top tilt tray has some open areas that would require disassembly or else overspray will gunk up the nylon bushings used on the pivot. My pics did not show the plastic "trunions" that Colin mentioned, I havent reinstalled them yet.

If you really insist on repainting but dont want to spend the hours cleaning, scuffing, primer & coating it, I would suggest just cleaning the surfaces and spraying on Plastidip. You dont have to scuff any surfaces and can peel away the plastidip later if desired. Guys use it for repainting their car's alloy rims and it holds up for a decent amount of time in that harsh role.

Also I could be wrong but the K213 looks identical to me based on the pics i've seen. It has the same options available in the manual plus an extra option which is a retractable keyboard tray. Maybe it is the same just renamed?

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