Re: 454 HV regulation off

Jack Ohme

Oh I already performed that test, Albert. 5 9 volt batteries plugged into
each other in series with my meter, diode checked it. Sure enough, worked
just fine.

On Thu, Jan 16, 2020 at 10:02 AM Albert Otten <aodiversen@...>

Hi Jack,

For testing continuity between the CRT grid pin and the grid electrode a
rather safe method is to test grid-cathode as a diode. You have to remove
the socket to isolate the heater from the transformer winding. Supply 6.3 V
to the heater and supply DC between grid and cathode with a suitable series
resistor for current limiting (0.1 mA or so is enough). No other pins used.
Continuity will show up quickly. IIRC 25 V is enough.
This way you don't have to do measurements in the presence of HV.
I hope for you that you can exclude a CRT problem!


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