Thanks Tektronix

Marvin Moss

My thanks to Dennis for the fine job he is doing. I started my Tek career as a student co-op at Radiation, Inc. in Melbourne Florida in 1955. I worked in the test equipment dept for the summer repairing the Tek stuff. I was always amazed at how you could clean the Tek scopes by washing them with a hose outside in the parking lot and then letting them dry with no damage to anything inside the scope. Also Tek even provided silver solder inside the scope in case you did not have any. I also became a Technician in 1956 (summer) and learned from the master ( Bill Eddins) how to really use a Tek Scope. We were building a new telemetry system for Col John Stapp's rocket sled out at Holloman AFB. I learned a lot about design and testing that summer. I went on to the University of Florida where I got a PhD in Electrical Engr in 1966 and a 32 year career at Lockheed. Tek has always been a part of my ham radio life also and I now have 5 Tek scopes presently. Long live Tek!!

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