Re: What Tektronix means to me


For me...I became an Eng. in the late 80s when I discovered Tektronix 4 channel scopes (advert in Radio Electronics) which were equivalent of about 2 year's salary as a fresh graduate in the Caribbean.
They remained out of reach until many years later in 2012 when I acquired a 2465 and then a 2465/A as part of a Battery regeneration product development lab @ home.
They allowed me to develop and commercialize my first patent-able product.

I got the electronics bug. after seeing Star Wars in 1977 (as a 12 year old) and then buying a Radio Electronics mag. in a grocery check out aisle that offered an R2-D2 lookalike functional Robot project build.
This year I am launching the World's first electronic steel drum sticks (My countries national Instrument)

Hope to have it on Amazon later this year. Was hoping to do manufacture in P. Rico...but things are a mess there right now.

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