Re: What Tektronix means to me


Dear Dennis, very fine note, I am touched! I think we are the same vintage, I have been an EE since 1968.

Ancient history: As a kid, In the 1950s I was fascinated by high voltage, electronics, radio, Tesla coils, lots of surplus in Manhattan's "radio Row" at Cortland Street!
I couldn't afford a scope, even a Heathkit, but bought the Heath manual (OL-1? OM-3?) and built the tube scope in a plywood (!) case with a war surplus 3" long persistence CRT (3RP7)?

I recall first seeing lots of 500 scopes at Lawrence Berkeley and Livermore labs in 1967.
In 1968, as an EE, Federal Scientific had the newly released Tek 454, also 500 series.
By 1973 I got the TM500 instruments and more TEK scopes. By mid 1980s, bought the AA501 and SG505 for audio AD DA work.
In the 1980s..1990s lots of great TEK equipment at the Ham fleas and Silicon Valley auctions. Now the Ham fleas are decimated!
Today, I have 7104, 7904, 7603, lots of plugins (some very rare) and a few spectrum analyzers.
Of course my favorite scope is 246X/B, of which I now have 5!

As a retired EE I have great enjoyment to maintain and fix them.
Wonderful to have a fine laboratory, with state of the art equipment circa 1970-1990s!
My current project is a 2465B PSU with no output, startup circuit or preregulator buck problem.
I can only marvel at the fine engineering, packaging, usability and documentation that went into each TEK scope and module!

Legacy: Years ago a good friend went silent key, he had a huge collection of TEK equipment.
Along with 5 of his friends, we worked a day a week for a YEAR to test, organize and sell on ebay, Ham fleas and CL.
I suggest that we TEK aficionados exchange some photos of our labs and collections, and find a way to pass on this great legacy technology to a new generation!
Perhaps start a new thread or group: "Tek legacy" ?

Vive le Tektronix!

Jon in Paris

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