Re: Tek Scope Cart - Model 3 or K213?


I love when a Q pops up on here that I can answer! I went ahead and took pics w/ measurements of my Lab Cart 3. I hosted the pics on imgur link:

Excuse the slight mess, moving some boxes around in the house.

Also excuse the bell howell "tm500" ;) being a filthy millenial I must currently make do with that until I can find an affordable TM500 3-4 bay with plugins to replace the Bell howell.

I fully disassembled the cart after I bought it on CL. Regreased a couple friction points on the upper tilt cart. Removed the castor assembly & wheels, brake cleaner to remove the old grease/debris from the bearings. Regreased with syringe filled with mobil1 synthetic. Rolls/swivels exceptionally smooth, love it!

If you need any other measurements or pics of it just let me know!

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