Re: Tek Scope Cart - Model 3 or K213?

John Griessen

On 1/15/20 7:36 AM, Colin Herbert via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Tom,
I have a Labcart Model 3. It is 39.5" high, 28" long (including the handle of the drawer) and 18" wide, approximately. These measurements exclude the castoring wheels.
A little more detail on model 3:

35 inches to top tray surface -- the 39" is the top of the pivot of the frame.
48 inches to top of a 4 bay 7000 scope on top tray.
other trays below top one are adjustable... mine are at -15-1/4 inches and -8.5 inches.
15-1/4 below is the lowest set of holes I think.
Top of lower drawer is at 12 inches from floor.

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