Re: Tek Scope Cart - Model 3 or K213?

Colin Herbert

Hi Tom,
I have a Labcart Model 3. It is 39.5" high, 28" long (including the handle of the drawer) and 18" wide, approximately. These measurements exclude the castoring wheels. I hope this helps a little.

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Subject: [TekScopes] Tek Scope Cart - Model 3 or K213?

Hi All,

I'm in desperate need for a scope cart. I've got a 2465BDM, 2467B, and a Fluke PM3394B and I'd like to mount them to the same cart. Both the Model 3 and the K213 carts appear to be able to handle the scopes' weight.

After collecting as many JPGs as reasonably possible, it appears to me that the K213 is shorter than the Model 3, but I can't find any dimensional information for either of these carts. Does anyone know the overall height of either of these carts?

I'm wondering what you experienced souls would recommend?

Does one cart have any particular features over the other? Is there a reason to focus on acquiring one over the other?

Thanks so much.

Tom in SLC

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