Re: 2465B .. test 04 fail 01 ... what's?

Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

The simple answer is it means that your calibration
data is lost.

The cause is usually a dead battery... either in a NVRAM part,
or a separate lithium cell... depending on the serial number of
your scope (B050000 and greater: NVRAM, B049999 and lesser:
separate battery)

The location of the NVRAM, or battery, is on the A5 controller
card on the right side of your scope.

The solution is to replace the NVRAM, or battery, and have your
scope recalibrated.

Do not buy a preprogrammed NVRAM. It will not allow your scope
to function accurately. Each scope has its own unique calibration
data, that can only be discovered through calibration.

-Chuck Harris

Joseph wrote:

In the service manual I found this :


What does that mean"parity error on read"?
What is the action to resolve this problem ?

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