Re: Still looking for a cover for a 485 scope...

Dave Daniel

It took me something like seven years to find a cover for my 485. When I found a cover on ebay that looked like it might be the correct size, I asked the seller to measure the cover and decided to buy it based on those measurements. It turned out to be the correct cover for my 485.

As someone else noted, Tektronix did not mold a part number into the cover. There are absolutely no identifying marks on the cover except for the style of latches on the sides.

I forget whether or not the manual calls out a part number for the cover.


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On Jan 9, 2020, at 10:51, M M <wa6ilq@...> wrote:

Thank you for the part number correction. At the moment
there are no covers for a 485 on eBay - and haven't been
for as long as I've been looking.

A 3D printed cover would be quite acceptable. I just don't
have the knowledge to craft one, or access to a 3D printer.

Believe it or not, I still cart the 485 around occasionally
on the occasional field service job where the storage feature
is needed... maybe once or twice a year.
I have a lighter weight scope for the other field service
needs... maybe once a month or every other month.


On 01/09/2020 07:03 AM, Kevin Oconnor wrote:
The cover for my 485 is 40 years old. Seldom in its proper place,
often used as a parts tray, generally crammed into the soft manual
& probe bag attached to the top. It is a wonder it is still around.
I think it is the bag. I still have the OEM service manual and 4
original probes in there with the cover!
I looked at the cover and it has no identification. I would have
expected a part number or a mold number at least. A crafty person
could 3D print this as it is only complicated at the 2 edge clips.
I assume you want the nostalgia factor of the OEM part though.

Kevin KO3Y
On 01/08/2020 08:36 PM, Craig Cramb wrote:
Front Cover for my 485 scope

From my research I found the part # 200-1251-00 in the 485 manual.
This might be the correct part number you are seeking.

On 01/08/2020 08:20 PM, mr.fabe wrote:
The part number 200-5052-00 listed is for a MSO3000 series scope.
There are a few of those for sale on ePray.
On 01/07/2020 10:04 AM, M M wrote:> The subject line says it all...
One of my New Years resolutions is to get my workbench in proper

I'm still looking for a part number 200-5052-00
Front Cover for my 485 scope (also looking for a cover for an
IFR 500, and a Simpson 260 rolltop case, but that's on different
mailing lists).

Thanks in advance for any pointers...

Mike Morris WA6ILQ
626-379-8045 9a-9p Pacific Time (GMT-7)

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