Re: Still looking for a cover for a 485 scope...


Thank you for the part number correction. At the moment
there are no covers for a 485 on eBay - and haven't been
for as long as I've been looking.

A 3D printed cover would be quite acceptable. I just don't
have the knowledge to craft one, or access to a 3D printer.

Believe it or not, I still cart the 485 around occasionally
on the occasional field service job where the storage feature
is needed... maybe once or twice a year.
I have a lighter weight scope for the other field service
needs... maybe once a month or every other month.


On 01/09/2020 07:03 AM, Kevin Oconnor wrote:
> The cover for my 485 is 40 years old. Seldom in its proper place,
> often used as a parts tray, generally crammed into the soft manual
> & probe bag attached to the top. It is a wonder it is still around.
> I think it is the bag. I still have the OEM service manual and 4
> original probes in there with the cover!
> I looked at the cover and it has no identification. I would have
> expected a part number or a mold number at least. A crafty person
> could 3D print this as it is only complicated at the 2 edge clips.
> I assume you want the nostalgia factor of the OEM part though.
> Kevin KO3Y

On 01/08/2020 08:36 PM, Craig Cramb wrote:
> Front Cover for my 485 scope
> From my research I found the part # 200-1251-00 in the 485 manual.
> This might be the correct part number you are seeking.
> Craig

On 01/08/2020 08:20 PM, mr.fabe wrote:
> The part number 200-5052-00 listed is for a MSO3000 series scope.
> There are a few of those for sale on ePray.

On 01/07/2020 10:04 AM, M M wrote:> The subject line says it all...
> One of my New Years resolutions is to get my workbench in proper
> shape...
> I'm still looking for a part number 200-5052-00
> Front Cover for my 485 scope (also looking for a cover for an
> IFR 500, and a Simpson 260 rolltop case, but that's on different
> mailing lists).
> Thanks in advance for any pointers...
> Mike Morris WA6ILQ
> 626-379-8045 9a-9p Pacific Time (GMT-7)

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