Re: Tektronix 532 LV rail shorted


Tonight I removed all the rectifier tubes including the 6080 series regulator tube. Then I lifted a lead on R110. When the scope was powered up there was still an excessive current draw and C640 (the new, replaced one) started to cook and get very hot including a little bit of a smoke show. This was through the dim bulb tester and a variac with a maximum voltage of 39V AC. I also checked my work and no capacitors were installed incorrectly.

Then I lifted the lead from Tap 17 and for the first time the fan started to turn but when I reconnected R110 that still heated up right away when I re-installed the rectifier tubes.

One interested observation; The voltage from tap 16 is 70-90V AC but no DC volts... that does not seem correct?

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