454 HV regulation off

Jack Ohme

I created a thread a few days ago about my 454, and believe I have isolated
the issue, in its -1960v supply. The HV reg is totally off, which is
causing my grid voltage to be far too high, and as an effect, my screen
brightness as well. The LV regulation is spot-on, and cranking the HV
regulation control pot, R1401, mentioned on page 6-11 of the manual, to the
max and then dropping it to the minimum causes my screen and trace to drop
to an acceptably low level for a moment before returning to far too bright.
Any idea as to what could be causing this? Something in the actual HV
section, or something in the LV reg that controls the HV? Oh and to put a
number on my -1960v test point, its hovering around -1830 currently.

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