Re: Tek 576 Curve Tracer USB port to a cpu ... ?


I did a project for a military sub contractor a few years ago (~2008) that turned an XY display into a raster image using a PIC micro controller with an LCD drive. The PIC sampled the XY signal using the internal AD converters, and updated the memory array that drove the LCD. I don't recall the update rate of the display, but it was way faster than 60 Hz. If you are just looking for a large display, and not data capture this might be a reasonable approach.

If are looking for is a display and data capture, then a Xilinx-Zync processor would be ideal. It has built in AD converters, two fast ARM processors, and a large FPGA all in one chip. In fact, I have a R&S EMI receiver with a bad display that I was contemplating rasterizing with a Zync demo board from Digilent. Digilent has example FPGA code that can drive and HDMI display from the FPGA.


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