For Sale: Tektronix 7623A Multi-mode Storage Oscilloscope with 12 Plugins & 5 Manuals near Seattle, WA, USA


I'm selling a cool 'scope for a friend.

Asking $250, local pickup near Seattle.

Send me an email and I can send pictures.

Tektronix 7623A 100MHz Multi-mode Oscilloscope

Scope and most plugs are tested for basic function and are working. Three plugins will require repairs (see details below).

With instruction and service manuals

100MHz Bandwidth

Storage Modes: variable persistence, fast variable persistence, bistable, fast bistable, non-store.

12 7000 series Plugs

7A26 Dual trace 200MHz Vertical + Manual
7A12 Dual trace 120MHz vertical amplifier
7A12 Dual trace 120MHz vertical amplifier (one switch does not latch)
7A15A Single channel 85Mhz vertical amplifier
7A15AN (same as 7A15) (Unstable trace)
AM-6565U (Same as 7A15). Single Channel 85MHz vertical amplifier

7B71 Delaying timebase 200Mhz Horizontal (needs repair)
7B53A Dual timebase 100Mhz Horizontal + Manual
7B85 Delaying timebase 400MHz

7A22 Differential Amplifier + Manual
7D15 Frequency counter 225MHz
7D13A Digital Multimeter

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