Re: Push-push switch repair (need some theory of operation)

Ke-Fong Lin

Hi everyone,

So I've disassembled the 2 offending switches. BJT/FET is 6PDT and the x1000 is 4PDT.
I've made some photos:

Indeed the "Repairing_tek_made_board-mounted_push-button_switches.pdf " is for a different kind of (more modern?) switches. However, the 5CT1N's switches are much simpler. In fact, by looking at the pictures, the "theory of operation" is pretty obvious.

I'm pretty confident that I can fix them by careful cleaning and re-assembly. Maybe with some extra tweaking of the metal "bends" for more "tension" and hence better contact.
I've ordered and just received isopropyl alcool and an MG chemical "super contact cleaner" pen.

The extra soldered cables on the photo is for power supply to the plug-in. I don't have an extender but needed to probe around with an oscilloscope.

Best regards,

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