Re: Tek 576 Curve Tracer USB port to a cpu ... ?

Dave Voorhis

Sounds good!

But once again I must ask: why do you refer to Danaher, which Tektronix isn't now (it's Fortive) and wasn't when the 575/576/577 were made?

... And "Stinkely"?

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ok, my wife wants me to cut short on product announcement. But with all
this talk, I cannot.

As for the Stinkely 575, 576 and 577, I as of today assume:

x) MAXIMUM Price, when bought in my office in Slovakia, before any
taxes: 1200 EUR

x) Integral color screen plus "roving" function

x) Installation, sadly, will require opening of the Danaher. However, we
will have a high quality video showing the process. Plus, we expect the
process to be reversible for the D576, with D577 and D575 requiring some
un-undoable changes (solder to contacts).

The big issue is when it will become. Our plan is to start out with the


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