Re: Tek 576 Curve Tracer USB port to a cpu ... ?

Harvey White

Look at the inputs of the vertical and horizontal amplifier, assuming that they do not have an internal gain adjustment.  That means that the vertical and horizontal amp chains have a fixed amplification factor from the input to the plates, and that all of the scaling is done at the sweep circuitry.

At that point, the sweep settings have basically set up the inputs for a particular p-p input voltage regardless of the settings for the current or voltage settings for the part.

What that does not figure in, nor does it (at this point) allow you to do is understand the settings on the dials for current/voltage.  These are needed to reproduce the scale settings.  No idea where to get them, of course.

There's ways, but they get interesting and you may not be able to do them easily.  It depends on the circuitry inside, and all I'm working with is a "how it *should* work...."


On 1/7/2020 4:29 PM, Matthew Hofmann wrote:
I have an old 575 like the one your brother has. I think I might do a little exploration into the circuitry to see how one might drive a pair of A/D converters to get the horiz & vert data.

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On Tue, Jan 7, 2020 at 02:29 PM, Matthew Hofmann wrote:

I assume that the 576 Curve Tracer doesn't have a USB interface and this guy
has somehow added one? Any idea how/where he tapped off of the 576 to
digitize the data on the CRT?

Correct, No USB or other ports on the 576. It is from an age before USB was even a dream. There is a person who has accomplished this, yes. Where and How they tap in to get the data??? That is the $1 Million question, one we would like to discover the answer to. There must be some way to do it, but the cost of a commercial solution is steep. It is going to take some deep knowledge of the 576 and whatever method provides the interface. Some have suggested Arduino?

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