Re: Hakko FR-301 alternatives?

Carsten Bormann

On 2020-01-08, at 01:25, John Crighton <john.crighton@...> wrote:

For hobbyists and enthusiasts, this cheap and cheerfull ZD-985 is probably a better investment than a Hakko.
Even cheaper is the ZD-915 — €80 (maybe add a €20 replacement handset if you want it more likely to be ready when you need it). Not a “quality tool”, but it really does the job if you need it once a month or so. Do heed the warning to let it heat up properly (say 4 minutes) before using it, or you might get some stuck solder in the handset.

It also helps if you know that when the solder is molten and you start the pump, you should wiggle the tip circularly around the pin for half a second so that is freed of solder on all sides and no longer sticks to the via. This is why a ZD-915 (or a FR-301, for that matter) is a whole class better than single pump action tools like the €24 ebay 283588229178, which is otherwise already a quite capable device (even if its safety is questionable: do not use without both an RCD/GFI and safety glasses, but I hope you have those in your lab anyway).

Grüße, Carsten

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